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Radiant Aesthetics

Look And Feel Your Best With Radiant Aesthetics MD

At Radiant Aesthetics MD located at Women’s Medical Associates of Nashville, we know our patients are much more than pretty faces, but we also know a clear face and skin increases your confidence and self-esteem. Knowing this fact, we offer patients laser hair removal as well as scar remodeling and treatment for facial veins, rosacea, stretch marks, and age spots.

Our System

Competing laser services use several machines for each treatment they offer. Radiant Aesthetics MD uses the Icon™ Aesthetic System from Cynosure, which utilizes multiple devices in just one machine. Each device is crucial to your laser treatment and will help ensure the process is as thorough and comfortable as possible.

Before treatment, you’ll use the Icon™ System’s Skin Melanin Reader. This device determines the density of skin to be treated, as well as how much melanin (or pigment) exists in that area. The melanin reader prevents pigment loss and stressed or over-treated skin.

Many people eschew laser treatment, fearing it will burn or otherwise hurt. With the Icon™ System, your treatment will be as painless as possible. The machine’s advanced contact cooling device keeps laser temperatures at 51 degrees Celsius, or 123 degrees Fahrenheit. This is cooler than some competing lasers and will protect your skin from burning.

People who use other services often end up going back for treatments because the initial one didn’t work efficiently. At Radiant Aesthetics MD, we want you to be satisfied with your laser treatment the first time. The Icon™ System delivers maximum energy of over 350 joules, ensuring your unwanted hair, spots, or rosacea won’t recur. The system’s microlens allows for greater penetration so individual spots or hairs are eliminated, even in a large area of skin.

Our Treatments

We offer a variety of methods to help your hair and skin be as healthy and flawless as possible. Hair removal is one of our most popular, as studies show that virtually all women 12 and older participate in some form of hair removal. Traditional methods like plucking, waxing, and threading can be painful and time-consuming, so women – and increasing numbers of men – rely on laser hair removal to permanently inhibit hair growth. Women often seek this service for eyebrows, armpits, legs, and the bikini area, while men are turning to it for chest and back treatment.

If you have noticeable scars or veins affecting your self-confidence, Radiant Aesthetics MD can help. Our laser treatments are non-invasive and much faster and less expensive than traditional operations. We’ll consult with you to determine which of our scar removal machines will give you the best results.

To learn more about Radiant Aesthetics MD or to schedule an appointment with our licensed aesthetician, Ms. Auri Lyman, please call us at (615) 515-6545.


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