Our Procedures & Services

We provide a broad range of women's general medical care and specialized care in the area of the reproductive system. This includes care from adolescence, pre-pregnancy, and full pregnancy care (high risk also) including postpartum care all the way to menopause and complex gynecologic surgery. We meet the medical needs of women in every age range. Our health professionals are committed to providing excellent medical care with sensitivity and compassion.

Obstetrics: preconceptual counseling, OB exams,  pregnancy care, delivery of baby, postpartum (or after) care. Deliveries at Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital or Centennial Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

Gynecology: pap smears, abnormal pap smears,  annual exams, contraception (birth control), contraceptive management, IUD’s abnormal bleeding, pelvic pain, general Gyn problems, endometriosis, family planning, permanent sterilization, menopause, hormone replacement therapy, pelvic infections, STD’s, in office hysteroscopic sterilization.

Gynecologic surgery: hysteroscopy, colposcopy, LEEP/LETZ/Loop, D&C, endometrial ablation, hysterectomy, laparoscopy, in office surgeries, ovarian surgery.

Infertility: basic workup including hormone evaluation, semen analysis (through andrology lab), uterine abnormalities assessment, tubal patency. (Infertility must be approved by your insurance PRIOR  to presenting to the office.  Not all services are covered by all insurance companies.)

Menopausal treatments and options: Hormone replacement therapy, bioidentical (bio-synthetic) hormone treatments, alternative therapies