obgyn checklist

A Checklist for Finding a Great OB/GYN  

An obstetrician-gynecologist is someone you should trust, feel comfortable talking to, and be able to rely on during hard times. Any doctor can conduct a physical exam – a great doctor is someone who engages with you, puts your health first, and puts you at ease during every appointment. Whether you’re looking for a general health physician or the person who will take care of you and your baby, look for these criteria in a new OB/GYN:

  1. Referrals. Talk to friends, relatives, and colleagues about who they see. Many women are lifelong patients of their doctors; they know the pros and cons of working with both the facility and the physician. Look for an OB/GYN and a practice with a comfortable atmosphere, a caring support staff, and a dedicated physician.
  2. Values. Many people, even doctors, have different beliefs about the reproductive cycle. During your first appointment, discuss your beliefs to find the right fit. Understanding where a physician stands on contraception and other reproductive health services will help you choose the right professional for your needs.
  3. Personality. Some doctors are no-nonsense professionals, while others take the time to catch up at every appointment and distract their patients during the uncomfortable parts. Neither approach is wrong, but everyone has a preference. Determine the bedside manner you prefer and find an OB/GYN that matches your preferences.
  4. Experience. Experience matters for general and prenatal health. Look for physicians who demonstrate a commitment to continuing education. OB/GYNs who know the latest medical trends in the industry and have a track record for success may catch obscure symptoms and provide cutting edge treatments.
  5. Average wait times. While in-demand physicians tend to stay booked, poor facility efficiency is a huge red flag. Look for a treatment team that knows how to delegate time, so that each patient receives adequate care without waiting hours to see a physician.
  6. Physician gender. If a certain gender is a deal breaker for you, narrow down your candidate field. Some women have a clear preference for a male or female doctor, and that’s okay.
  7. Staff recommendations. Some of the best recommendations for physicians come from the support staff onsite. Call up an office that provides the care you need and talk to a receptionist or nurse about your needs. Discuss any anxiety concerns and preferences you have to receive a customized physician recommendation from the people who work there. 

Use this checklist to narrow down your search, and meet with your top three candidates. An initial meeting may help you decide on the right team and physician for your needs. To schedule a new patient appointment with Women’s Medical Associates of Nashville, call (615) 329-6745.