Healthy Weight Loss for Women

Healthy Weight Loss for Women

Men and women can more or less follow the same health guidelines to achieve healthy weight loss, but not everything is the same. For starters, women often have a harder time losing excess weight than men do because men are naturally larger than women. This makes it much easier for men to create and maintain a calorie deficit.

Here are some tips specific to women that will help you stay strong and reach your goals:

  • Focus on your mood. Eating is a very psychological experience. Many women tend to eat more than usual when they feel down. When you get into a slump, exercising and noshing on some celery may not sound too appealing, and a giant tub of ice cream might seem like heaven. Instead of eating, replace your indulgent snack with another feel-good activity. Take a bath, meet up with a friend, or go online for some pleasant reading.
  • Don’t go overboard. You’re not alone if you follow a strict diet to the letter for two or three days and then completely crash and burn. Sustainable weight loss almost always involves small, incremental changes. For instance, you might start with simple replacements. Instead of a macchiato in the afternoon, have tea or coffee with just enough sweetener to make it palatable. In a few days, reduce the amount of sweetener. Once you can drink your beverage without sweetener, count all the calories you’ve saved. This simple change can add up quickly.
  • Pay attention to how you feel after you eat. “Comfort foods” release “feel good” hormones, but what we don’t remember at the next meal is how we felt 30-40 minutes after eating. The aftereffects are often indicators of poor eating. Nobody wants an afternoon headache or loss of energy, but people don’t necessarily associate these symptoms with poor eating habits.

The wrong foods will leave you feeling weak, moody, and subdued within 30 minutes to an hour after eating. Nutritious foods, on the other hand, may not create the same satisfaction while you eat, but will help you feel energized and bright afterwards. Recognizing these feelings can inspire you to keep going.

If you need extra guidance, your physician can offer some tips or refer you to a specialist. Weight loss takes time, but when you do it right, it can change your life. We encourage you to make healthful, sustainable changes that will help you stay strong for the year!