Celebrating the Stages of Motherhood 

Motherhood is an adventure filled with surprises at every turn. Moms go through a lot to give their children the best – from the anxiety-ridden days of late pregnancy to the blissful moments post-birth to the seemingly unending sleepless nights of early motherhood. This Mother’s Day, attempting to understand the challenging ups and downs of motherhood might be the best gift you can offer your mom (although, breakfast in bed would be nice, too.) 


Whether your first pregnancy is planned or not, it is bound to be filled with anticipation. Many moms-to-be read everything they can about prenatal health and child-rearing techniques to prepare for anything that might be thrown their way. Even for moms with a scheduled cesarean section, those last days waiting to deliver a child can feel exhausting, but they will soon be in the past. 


Most mothers would not describe childbirth as a pleasant experience, but it is commonly noted that the joy experienced immediately following eradicates the memories of pain. New mothers usually feel ecstatic as they hold their newborns for the first time. They are overflowing with happiness. The connection between a mother and her baby is undeniable. The smell of the baby’s head can be enough to make a mother weep with delight. This stage never fully disappears for most mothers, but the challenges that come next are enough to test the patience of even the calmest women. 

Survival Mode 

When you are running on no sleep, pinched pennies and ate whatever food was left in the fridge, you have officially entered the survival mode of motherhood. Having a baby doesn’t always mean giving up your own life, but for many new moms it certainly feels that way. Through a haze of stress and exhaustion, mothers power on every day, sacrificing their own needs to provide for their children. 

Control (or Something Like It) 

After a while, the craziness of survival mode gradually mixes with some semblance of calm until the control stage is reached. This is when mothers start to form a routine and learn to tactfully manage their children’s unwanted behavior. Mothers may never reach a point of total control, but that is not the goal; with total control, mothers would never get to experience the pleasure of watching their children freely explore the world. 

Mother’s Day is a great time to thank your mom for everything she has been through for you. The pains of pregnancy, the joys of childbirth, the exhaustion of infancy, and the patience she demonstrates through it all make her a special kind of hero.