mother exercising with baby

Baby Weight: How to Shed Unwanted Pounds the Healthy Way

Having a baby is a great joy in most women’s lives, but having the leftover baby weight is not.

Many women struggle to lose the weight after the baby arrives and become frustrated, turning to crash diets and unhealthy choices to get rid of the weight faster.

Crash Diets

No matter what type or how much weight you are trying to lose, crash dieting is never the answer. Some diets are actually more harmful when trying to lose baby weight than any other time.

Instead of focusing on a fad diet, simply try to eat appropriately. Eat more fibers, breastfeed your baby, and eat enough nutrients to ensure your baby is getting what he or she needs as well. You may choose to count your calories while eating healthier. This is okay, as long as it does not turn into a crash diet.

Make a Move

Another option for losing that pesky baby weight is movement. Many women choose to dance with their baby to stop them from crying. This counts as exercise for your own body. You can also do other exercises with baby.

Go for a walk or jog while pushing the stroller, carry the baby up and down the stairs with you, or even try push-ups. Babies are always learning and happy for new tricks from mommy. Put the baby on the floor and do push ups over him or her. Make it look like mommy is getting closer and then farther, like a new game of peek-a-boo.


It’s most important to make sure you’re getting enough rest. You have a new baby in the house who isn’t sleeping through the night. Most seasoned mothers will tell you to sleep when the baby sleeps. They aren’t wrong.

If the baby is sleeping, that’s your best chance. Your body needs rest too and you can’t sleep while the baby is awake.


Losing the baby weight doesn’t have to be an issue. It just needs to be sensible to ensure you stay healthy. Your new baby needs you to be healthy so you can care for him or her. Crash diets and unhealthy habits are hard to break later on. It’s always best to keep your dieting, exercising, and sleep in check and consistent. While that can be hard with a new baby, you want to stay strong so your baby can have you at your best.