Strange But Common Things That Happen During Pregnancy

Virtually everyone knows about common pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness—which, for some women, is more like all day sickness. However, there are also some less well-known symptoms and side effects that may seem downright bizarre. It’s important (even if just for your own peace of mind) to note that these symptoms may be gross or strange—but most of the time, they’re perfectly normal.


When you’re pregnant, you may feel like a leaky faucet. In addition to the sticky, light-colored (usually white or pale yellow) discharge that often appears during pregnancy, many pregnant women find themselves leaking small amounts of urine every time they sneeze, laugh, or cough. The discharge is called leucorrhea, and it’s generally the result of all those pregnancy hormones and increased blood flow to the vagina. In the case of the urine leakage, it’s to be expected when you have extra pounds of baby, placenta, and uterus pressing on your bladder!

Bloating and Gas

Many pregnant women experience excessive gas and bloating, sometimes accompanied by painful cramping. Once again, blame it on the hormones. During pregnancy, you have an excess of progesterone (the “pregnancy hormone”) in your system. This makes your digestive tract a bit more sluggish than normal. Try to avoid eating gas-inducing foods, and the problem usually passes on its own—no pun intended. 

Stuffiness and Snoring

Pregnancy can make a woman feel like she’s got a perpetual cold. Stuffiness, the constant runny nose, and the really gross snot you see are the fault of your mucus membranes, which swell up from the increased hormone levels and blood flow. Likewise, many women find that pregnancy turns them into notorious snorers, relegating their poor partners to seek the sofa for some peace and quiet. Once again, swollen mucus membranes are the likely culprit.

Larger Nipples

Most women expect that pregnancy will cause their breasts to grow, but many women are also surprised to discover that their nipples increase in size during pregnancy too, and grow darker in color. Your body produces excess melanin when you’re pregnant, which causes the darker color. It may be a way of your body preparing to help your newborn find his or her way to your breast after birth, as well. Don’t worry; while your areolas may stay a bit darker in color after your little one is born, your nipples will shrink back down in size soon enough. 
If you experience any other symptoms that concern you during your pregnancy, be sure to discuss them at your next appointment at Women’s Medical Associates of Nashville. Our team is here to help and provide peace of mind support.