Woman Exercising

Top Health Tips for Women

A new year is here, and many Americans are making resolutions to get healthier. Some of the best options for women’s health come from making better food choices, trying new exercises, and making time to take care of themselves. Here are three tips to help women achieve the goal of optimal health. 

Plant-Based Snacking

Trade the vending machine potato chips for healthier snacks. Plant-based snacking has taken off in a big way. Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Seasoned kale chips
  • Sweet potato and beet chips
  • Whole nuts – a great source of healthy fats
  • Other healthy snacks made with coconut, fruits, whole grains, and vegetables

Wearable Fitness Tech 

Busy working women may feel like they don’t have time to exercise throughout the work week, but it is likely they are already exercising more than they realize! Fitness trackers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes with various features. These smart devices track your movements throughout the day to let you know how many steps you’ve taken, the distance you’ve traveled, calories you’ve burned, and heart rate throughout the day. 

The info you glean from your fitness tracker can help you make healthier choices this year. If you want to look for ways to add more walking distance to your daily routine, check how many steps you take on an average day and set realistic goals. For example, start taking the stairs for some extra calorie burning each day instead of simply riding the elevator.

Schedule Annual Health Visits

It’s important to make time for yourself to ensure you stay healthy. This includes an annual visit to the OB/GYN which helps to prevent or even stop illnesses and complications in their early stages. The team at Women’s Medical Associates of Nashville offers a full range of women’s health services, ranging from OB/GYN services to dietary counseling for pregnancy and fertility treatments. Our goal is to help patients live a healthy life throughout the year.

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