Health Issues for Women

Winter Health Tips for Women

When the temperature starts to drop, we are at an increased risk of getting sick. There are plenty of great tips to consider when it comes to protecting your health through the winter months. And, this winter, it’s more important than ever to make your health a priority.

Tips for Better Winter Health

  • Eating Healthy - While this is a great tip year around, it can be especially challenging to follow in the winter months. This time of year contains a number of social gatherings that revolve around food, and most of this food is full of heavy fats, sugars and grease. You’re also more likely to spend an increased amount of time inside, which can lead to craving comfort foods that aren’t necessarily the best. Make sure that you are indulging in moderation and getting enough fruits, veggies, greens, and whole foods. Your diet can greatly impact your overall health, so make the effort to fuel your body properly even around the holidays. 
  • Stay Hydrated - Drinking enough water is important year-round. While you may naturally up your water intake in the summer heat, it is important to remain mindful of your hydration during the colder months as well. People commonly dress in thick layers to perform their winter yard work, and—though it may be freezing—shoveling snow can be sweaty work. This can lead to dehydration just as easily as working out in the sunshine. So, be sure to get plenty of water and electrolytes all 12 months of the year.
  • Get Outdoors and Get Active - In the winter, many of us don’t get enough sun. A vitamin D deficiency can greatly impact both your physical and mental health. That means, even though you may want to stay wrapped in a blanket on the couch until spring, it is still important to spend time outside during the day. Taking a short walk can be a perfect way to get some sun and a little exercise. It can be harder to get the body moving in the winter, but remaining active all year round is essential to maintaining your health.

Stay Healthy This Winter

Staying healthy this winter doesn’t have to be complicated. On top of washing your hands and staying away from sick people (when possible), be mindful of the foods and beverages that you enjoy. And remember: getting outside for some light exercise can help keep your body conditioned through the long winter months. Stay warm, and do your best to stay healthy through this winter season.